Winsor and Newton Jewel Colours Professional Watercolour paint

Winsor and Newton Jewel Colours Professional Watercolour paint


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Winsor and Newton Jewel Colours Professional Watercolour paint 5ml tubes

Unrivalled Transparency
The transparency of Winsor and Newton Professional Water Colour is achieved by their unique process of pigment dispersion during manufacture. The natural characteristics of each pigment highlights the paint’s transparency level. In water colour painting, thin washes are applied allowing the white of the paper to reflect through the wash.

  • Quinacridone Violet 550 : Made of a vivid violet pigment with pink tinges, this punchy colour lends your palette the means to capture the transition from day to night, capturing varying shades of sky light during fleeting sunsets. Its semi-transparent composition offers a clean, daring take on traditional purple and is based on the transparent Quinacridone pigment introduced in the 1950s
  • Transparent Orange 650 : A vibrant, strong and lively orange veering easily between a primary and an earth colour
  • Cobalt Green Deep 185 : Based on a strong, blue undertone, Cobalt Green Deep boasts a richness that introduces a spectrum of beautiful opaque tones to your palette. The contrast of two shades melds seamlessly into a gorgeous, plush colour that creates striking effects reminiscent of overcast skies and forest floors.
  • Smalt 710 : Originally used in classical stained glass and pottery, Smalt (Dumont’s Blue) is an iconic colour steeped in rich history. This bright variation on cobalt mimics a reflective finish that is subtle, yet gives work a slight sheen that sets skyscapes alight and gives still life scenes extra lustre
  • Aqua Green 697 : green and blue, this cool-toned colour is at once light and strong, producing effects which vary in appearance from mimicking deep water to the afterglow of a dimming sky