5 Layered pack of Greyscale A3 Pearlescent 120 gsm paper


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Greyscale pack made from  a mix of the following A3 papers

  • Stardream Crystal
  • Curious Lustre
  • Stardream Silver
  • Stardream Anthracite
  • Stardream Onyx

Stardream is a luxury branded Italian paper from Gruppo Cordenons, it is a double sided quality Pearlescent paper 120 gsm. Curious Metallics is a similar Paper in quality and properties FSC Certified. Printable black double sided paper. This is beautiful paper ! Not just in looks, but in its properties - it feels great and prints and cuts like a dream.

This is the perfect paper for those who use a machine or hand cut. Also a very popular product with paper flower artists and crafters