Adventures in Papercutting Series Two by Emma Boyes

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Following on from the success of her first paper cutting craft pad, artist Emma Boyes has now created the highly anticipated "Adventures in Paper Cutting, Series Two", which features 12 brand new original templates to cut and enjoy.

Enjoy a free pack of background A4 black x 10 sheets of acid free paper to complement your finished cuts. 

Emma has designed the templates from beginner to advanced so that you can grow your confidence and skill level as you make your way through the craft pad. 

We would love to see your progress shots and finished pieces so please use the hashtag #papercutcraftpad & #paperstoryart when sharing on social media"

The book includes :

  • Quality 170gsm paper
  • Includes 36 ready to cut templates
  • 12 original artworks repeated 3 times
  • 1 practice sheet
  • Hints and Tips
  • Example pictures of finished paper cuts

Paper Cutting Kit Option


  • Adventures in Paper Cutting book two plus 10 free sheets Black paper
  • Swann Morton No 3 Stainless Steel surgical craft knife with 
  • 15 assorted Swann Morton blades 5 each of 15a, 10a & 11
  • A4 self healing craft mat 
  • Mixed pack of acid free A4 paper x 10
  • Over 18 to purchase

Angel Policy from Katy Sue

Permission is given for the following:
 Katy Sue Designs and Emma Boyes gives the customer the right to gift and sell handmade items created from the contents of this paper pad, privately from home, provided they are not sold for large scale commercial gain. (i.e. not more than 200 pieces sold in a twelve month period).
 Credit should be given to Adventures in Paper Cutting craft pad.
 Sharing of finished cuts are welcomed on social media using the hashtag #papercutcraftpad
Users of Katy Sue Designs products are Not permitted to:
 Create copies of the contents of the pad
 Offer for sale or offer for free any printed or digital copies of the contents of the pad
 No graphics or alterations of these graphics or designs may be distributed free or for sale via
the internet.
 Use any of the designs and graphics for commercial use other than as permitted above,
including electronically or in paper form.
 Designs are not to be used as company logos, trademarks, or personal stationery
 Copy and duplicate any of Katy Sue Designs products for sale, profit, loan or otherwise.