Caran d'Ache Box of 8 Colours SUPRACOLOR Soft Aquarelle PAUL SMITH - Limited Edition


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SUPRACOLOR Soft Aquarelle PAUL SMITH - Limited Edition tin and pencil set of 8

Together, Caran d’Ache and Sir Paul Smith have created a limited edition carrying the designer’s famous signature.

For this third collaboration, Sir Paul Smith took pleasure in revisiting the Supracolor® Soft water-soluble colour pencils from Caran d’Ache. Ideal for drawing and watercolours, this creative instrument is greatly appreciated for the brightness and excellent covering power of its colours. For this new and original assortment, Sir Paul Smith has selected eight colours reflecting both his own world and Caran d’Ache one. Presented in a portable metal pencil case dressed with the designer’s iconic stripes, these colour pencils stimulate the imagination with their cheerful and infinitely desirable colours.