CuttleLola Dotspen ink refills

CuttleLola Dotspen ink refills



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The World's First Electric Drawing pen. Can not be used if you have a pacemaker, due to magnets.

Awarded by Red Dot,Product Design 2015. Without exhausting much time and effort, you can draw out incredible works in a short time. No matter whether you have an arts background or an ordinary background, Cuttlelola can help you quickly master professional drawing skills in a limited time, it is a brand-new, creative and unique drawing tool. Drawing is a kind of human nature skill which not only the geniuses have. Let us give you the wings to dream so you can show your talent, soaring in the sky of art.

This product is produced by magnetic coil driven Reciprocating radial movement, driven nib by hand to simulate stipple action, by controlling the time of dotspen on paper stay and its position, you can easily draw exquisite and beautiful work.