Excel ACM soft grip craft knife Excel K18

Excel ACM soft grip craft knife Excel K18 STORE COLLECTION ONLY

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Not available to purchase via the website. Please contact support@paperstory.co.uk for details on how to purchase, and policy. STORE COLLECTION ONLY

In order to comply with the Offensive Weapons Act 2019, and to ensure the purchaser is over 18, this item has age verification checks carried out on purchasing and delivery. You will need to provide a phone number on ordering to enable Royal Mail to confirm delivery date. You may also need to provide additional identification on delivery to prove you are over 18 as Royal Mail will enforce "challenge 25". If you are unable to provide identification or be there in person to receive the parcel, the order will not be delivered. Acceptable identification would be a driving licence or passport. 

Light weight, aluminum body with comfortable soft grip handle fits ACM craft knife blades including Xacto Knife

Perfect for hobby and arts and crafts - scrapbooking, model kits, paper crafts and more

Includes 4 jaw aluminum chuck with rear blade release for a more secure blade and hold than your standard light duty knife; with a snug fitting, shatter resistant safety cap to protect blade during storage

Over 18 checks in place, please see policy for details