Finetec Coliro Pearlcolor Watercolour Paints M720 Magic

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Finetec Coliro

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These beautiful shimmering paints ( Magic works more effectively on Black paper ) use on Calligraphy, pebble and wood painting.  To use, add several drops of water on the colour pan or spritz with water and allow to sit for a few minutes before using for optimum effect. 

  • light-fast and pigment-rich
  • handmade in Germany
  • made of Mica-Pigments
  • free of animal ingredients
  • ASTM-4236 certified and CE-conform
  • Each paint pan is 30 mm

Contains the following colour tones:

  • Silver Pearl (Shimmer), 
  • Fine Gold (Shimmer), 
  • Copper Pearl (Shimmer), 
  • Fine Lilac (Shimmer), 
  • Blue Pearl (Shimmer), 
  • Green Pearl (Shimmer)