Katy Sue Hinges and Screws Silicone Mould


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Katy Sue Hinges and Screws Silicone Mould

This Hinges & Screws cake decorating mould is perfect for adding the details to a wide variety of sculpted cakes such as toolboxes, suitcases, jewellery boxes and treasure chests. This versatile mould includes a 2-part hinge and 3 screw designs. One of the hinges has a bumpy weathered look, whilst the second has elegant swirls and is smooth. Great for adding detail to a wide range of ideas including treasure chests, suitcases, journals and display boards



• Hinge 1 Size: 60mm x 50mm / 2¼ inches x 2 inches

• Hinge 2 Size: 70mm x 45mm / 2¾ inches x 1¾ inches

• Hinge Screw Sizes: 90mm x 90mm / ¼ inches x ¼ inches • Weight: 56g