Pebeo mixed media Fantasy Moon Effect paint discovery Set 12 x 20 mls

Pebeo mixed media Fantasy Moon Effect paint discovery Set 12 x 20 mls


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Pebeo mixed media Fantasy Moon Effect paint discovery Set 12 x 20 mls 6 : Fantasy Moon

  • The effect is instantaneously visible; textured, hammered and pearly effects.
  • Easy to use: apply Moon with a flat brush in thin or thick layer or apply with a dropper.
  • The product is as much adapted to a person who practices creative leisure on a regular basis than to a beginner.
  • It’s opalescent and pearly finish is ideal to decorate on all types of surfaces.
  • Fantasy Moon’s colours can be mixed together, as well as with Prisme, Vitrail and Ceramic colours.
  • Mix thoroughly before use
  • Drying time for a thick layer: 2 hours to the touch, 10 hours to the core.
  • When dry, the colours resist to a light hand wash without soaking.

Apricot, Carmine, Metal Blue, Turquoise, Veil of Smoke, Gold, Emerald, Pearl, Antique Pink, Ebony, Silver, Chocolate

+ Solvent Based.
+ Can be easily mixed together, and ready to use.
+ Honey comb effect with pearlescent opaque colours.
+ Compatible with all Pebeo Mixed Media products.

+ Stir paint well before application to obtain a fluid colour. Do not shake.
+ You can pour the paint onto to flat horizontal surface, or alternatively, you can use a pipette, or brush.
+ The unique hammered effect reveals itself after 5-10 minutes, as the paint is drying.
+ The effects will vary depending on whether the Moon paints are used alone, mixed with one another or combined with Fantasy Prisme. Or, used with other Mixed Media products.
+ Drying time varies according to the thickness of the paints. Applications of 2mm will take 24 hours to become touch dry, and completely dry after 24 hours.
+ Wait 7 days to apply a resin top coat.

Helpful hints:
>+ When combined with with Moon, or with Vitrail, and Ceramic paints, the colours render astonishing abstract results.
+ The thicker the application, the more defined and accentuated the honeycomb effects will be. The thinner the applications, the more subtle the effects.
+ The effect of Fantasy Prisme honeycomb effect is lessened when used in combination with Fantasy Moon.
+ Clean brushes, and applicators thoroughly with odourless mineral spirits, or white spirits. Then rinse well with soapy water.
+ The Pebeo Cerne relief may be used to create outlines to contain the Fantasy colours.