Pebeo mixed media glass paint discovery Set 6 x 20 mls Vitrail

Pebeo mixed media glass paint discovery Set 6 x 20 mls Vitrail


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Pebeo mixed media paint : Discovery Set : Vitrail Glass Paint 6 x 20 mls

This introductory set allows you to experiment with all the fantastic effects that this paint offers. Mix the paints with each other to discover a wider range of colours to use and get experimenting from upcycling household items to completing a fine jewellery piece; the possibilities are as extensive as your creativity.

  • Colours include: Crimson, Lemon, Orange, Chartreuse Green, Sky Blue and Gold
  • 20 ml pots
  • Simply brush or drop on to create fantastic effects
  • Vegan friendly
  • Ideal for adding a personalised touch to home decorations
  • Multi-surface paint
  • Experiment with all the effects that you can create!
  • Other effect sets available in the range


    + Solvent based
    + Ready to use, and mix well with each other.
    + Either transparent or opaque colours are available.
    + Compatible with all other Pebeo Mixed Media products.


    + Thoroughly stir the paint prior to application, to obtain a fluid colour. Do not shake.
    + Vitrail colours when combined with Fantasy Moon, Prisme or with Cermaic colours can create magnificent contrasting effects that merge various degrees of texture, intensity, transparency, opacity and opalescence.
    + Use brushes and pipettes to apply the Vitrail colours or simply drip splatter and pour them directly onto your surface. For more accurate results an applicator bottle with or without the Minerva tip.
    + Vitrail can be used over colours and mediums from most Pebeo lines.
    + Wait a minimum of seven days before adding a coat of resin over completely dry colours.
    + Cerne relief can be used to create barriers to outline and contain Vitrail, Ceramic, Prisme and Moon liquid colours.

    Helpful hints:
    + Clean brushes and pipettes with odourless mineral spirits or white spirit and rinse with warm soapy water.
    + Always make sure that you properly close the lids on all products to keep them from drying out.