Fimo Leather Effects Clay

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With FIMO leather-effect, STAEDTLER expands its range of oven-hardening modelling clays by a product with a completely new look and feel – made possible through a new formula offering creative leeway and versatile application possibilities.

FIMO leather-effect is an innovative product.
After hardening in the oven, FIMO leather-effect takes on a look and feel strongly reminiscent of leather. Allowing three-dimensional modelling: it is suitable for braiding, piercing, embossing as well as for cutting and sewing.
Accessories, jewellery, decoration – anything is possible
Handbags, necklaces, bracelets – with FIMO leather-effect, users can create individual pieces of art according to their own desire and imagination. Due to the easy handling and unique structure of the new FIMO modelling clay, many techniques used to handle leather can be applied. In this way individual strings can, for example, be used to create braided necklaces or bracelets, which can compete with real leather jewellery in terms of look and feel. Furthermore, deco objects or fashion accessories such as handbags can be decorated and upgraded with FIMO leather-effect by, for instance, attaching trims, decorative borders or other elements.