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Winsor and Newton is one of the most familiar and respected artists brands throughout the world. In 1832 chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton brought together the knowledge of the scientist and the creativity of the artist to offer an unprecedented choice of colour, clarity and permanence to fine artists
They embrace new ideas, and seek out the latest technologies and materials, bringing affordable art supplies to all.
Everybody can do something for the environment, including a supplier of fine art materials. To us, sustainability means safeguarding the future, being socially responsible and making our eco-footprint as small as possible. 
It’s about taking a lead in adopting best practices in our industry. And it’s about having the conviction to make sound, future-oriented choices at all levels.  We realise that we are on a journey.  But each step leads us towards the goal of sustainability. Here are some of the steps we have taken so far.
Sustainability with Winsor and Newton
Rather than simply using water and releasing it into drains, Winsor and Newton process and reuse it. At their brush making plant in Lowestoft in the UK they have introduced a rainwater collection system that provides a free, alternative source of water for the production process and enables us to cut freshwater consumption.