White Papercutting papers

White Papercutting papers

Cotton paper 100 % : Beautiful crisp lines : Great for detail, collection photo has been cut on cotton by April Shepard: Beginner to Expert

So Silk : 130 gsm : Silk fibres white one side, pearl the other : Beginner - Expert

Shiro : 120 gsm : Bamboo and Bagasse soft paper, translucent qualities : Perfect for detail : Beginner - Expert

Canson, Tiziano & Lana : 160 gsm : Professional artist papers as well as pastel papers, high Cotton content. Often used by professional paper cut artists : Beginner - Expert

Pearlescent : Beautiful shimmering paper form high end mills, great for adding a hint of shimmer, very popular with layered paper cutters : Beginner - Expert

Hammered : Crisp white papers, good for printing and cutting as well as card inserts : Beginner

Silver Leaf : Handmade paper, beautiful with natural fibres which can sometimes make this more difficult to work with : Expert

The Tube : Matt paper from Italy, amazing details : Beginner - Expert 



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So Silk