Fimo Professional True Colours 6 Pack

Fimo Professional True Colours 6 Pack

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Fimo Professional True Colours 6 Pack

6 x 85 g Blocks

Fimo Profesional Blocks are a fantastic polymer clay of the most premium quality and this True Colours Set allows you to create beautifully mixed colours for all your projects!

This fantastic kit includes a colour mixing system booklet that will guide you through blending techniques to achieve your desired colour. This innovative kit provides inspiration for anyone struggling to pick a colour to get their project started. The set contains six standard blocks of true colours that are ideal for model making, pottery and even jewellery making. The pliable clay will produce impeccable results every time for all your crafting needs!

After extensive research, this range has been developed by advance clay artists to create flawless clay for professional and hobby creations. The polymer clay embraces absolute colour accuracy and holds fine detail extremely well for the highest artistic demands. The oven-hardening clay range is unparalleled in terms of quality and versatility with a fantastic range colours from the purest of pigments.

Kit includes: 6 85g Fimo Professional Colour Blocks and a colour mixing guide
Colours include: white, true yellow, true red, true magenta, true blue and true green
Learn how to mix colours together to create a beautiful new colour for your project
Professional, Premium and Perfected Polymer Clay Range
Fimo Professional True Colours Set 6 Pack