Finetec Coliro Mica Watercolour Paint : Indian Summer M026

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Pearlcolor Indian Summer Ø 30 mm

Handmade in Germany by Finetec GmbH  

Finetec GmbH in Germany produces high quality Pearlcolors since 2005. Pearlcolors can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. They are perfect for creating special effects and highlights, they are also ideally suited for calligraphy. Mica is a purely natural product made of minerals. These pigments are known to be very light-fast and they don’t oxidize. Gum arabic is a natural product made of the hardened sap of the acacia tree.

We recommend putting several drops of water on the colour pan and letting it sit for a few minutes before using or spritz with water. This allows the pigments to mix with the mica