NEW Finetec Coliro Pearlcolor Watercolour Pearl Paint Phoenix G049

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Finetec Coliro

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The color of this pearl color changes between gold and orange / red, depending on the surface and the incidence of light. It has the wonderful star surface that is only available from coliro!

These beautiful shimmering paints can be used on both white and coloured paper as well as for Calligraphy, pebble and wood painting.  To use add several drops of water on the colour pan or spritz with water and allow to sit for a few minutes before using for optimum effect. 

  • light-fast and pigment-rich
  • handmade in Germany
  • made of Mica-Pigments
  • free of animal ingredients
  • ASTM-4236 certified and CE-conform
  • Each paint pan is 30 mm