FriXion Erasable Rollerball Pen set of 4 Ball Clicker 0.7 Set2Go Black Blue Red & Green - Medium Tip

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FriXion Ball Clicker 0.7 - Set2Go - 4 pens - Black, Blue, Red, Green - Medium Tip
One of Pilot’s latest packaging innovation made of 100% recycled plastic, designed and manufactured in Europe by PILOT. Frixion pen marks are removed with heat caused by friction or direct heat.
The Frixion Set2Go is a smart pen holder system that can become a fantastic desk organiser. Compatible with many FRIXION Family pens, this set can be used on its own or can be coupled with one or more FriXion Set2Go desk organisers. The new organiser will perfectly suit all desks : at home or at work.
The set is sold with one of our beloved best-sellers: the FriXion Ball Clicker pen. Write, erase, repeat and NEVER cross out again with FriXion Ball Clicker, the RETRACTABLE erasable pen from Pilot!

  • Eco friendly: reusable & long lasting packaging.
  • Thermo-sensitive FriXion ink technology.
  • Ink Colour : Black, Blue, Red, Green
  • Refillable : Yes
  • Writing width : 0.35 mm
  • Tip size : 0.70 mm