PanPastel 30071 Basic Colours starter set of 7 Pans Sofft Tools & Tray

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PanPastel Basic Colours starter set of 7 Pans and collection of Sofft Tools & Tray to hold your pans safe. Pan Pastel. The basic colours starter set 30071 has a great beginners colour combination of essential colours. 

 Hansa Yellow 220.5, Permanent Red 340.5, Burnt Sienna 740.5, Black 800.5, Permanent Green 640.5, Ultramarine Blue 520.5, Titanium White 100.5, Palette Tray with Cover 1 x Sofft Knife, 4 x Sofft Sponges, 2 x Oval Sofft Knife Covers, 1 x Angle Slice Round, 1 x Round/Flat Bar