PanPastel 30072 Landscape set 7 Pans, Sofft Tools & Tray

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PanPastel Landscape starter set 7  Pans plus Sofft Tools & Tray. This versatile colour combination is perfect for landscape and backgrounds. Includes a great selection of colours. Includes Chromium. Oxide Green 660.5, Yellow Ochre 270.5, Ultramarine Blue 520.5, Burnt Sienna 780.5, Titanium White 100.5, Red Iron Oxide Shade 380.5, Paynes Grey Ex. Dark 840.1. Also a handy Palette Tray with Cover, 1 x Sofft Knife, 4 x Sofft Sponges, 2 x Oval Sofft Knife Covers, 1 x Angle Slice Round,1 x Round/Flat Bar