PanPastel Sofft tools :Sofft Knife & Covers : Mixed Set of 12

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Sofft Art Sponges are made with a special semi-absorbent micro pore sponge material. Each sponge has a unique shape and size, designed specifically for artists and crafters. All of the Soft sponges are designed to be used in a variety of ways for mark making, and creating unique shapes within your Pastel work.

When used with Sofft Covers, the traditional painting knife is transformed into a multi-use and absorbent applicator for art and craft techniques. These inexpensive tools function like a cross between a brush and a knife. Each knife has been ergonomically designed.

Pack contains 4 knives and 8 covers (2 x round, 2 x flat, 2 x oval, 2 x point)

Clean in warm water and allow to dry naturally.