PaperArtsy Infusions dye colour crystals creative paints


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PaperArtsy Infusions dye colour crystals creative paints
Available on PaperStory installment plan - scroll to bottom for details.
PaperArsty created a new fabulous mix of colours, that are perfect for artist backgrounds, colour washes and creative techniques.

These water activated 15ml pot of crystals, are bursting with colour. The crystals react with water and disolve at different rates. First the colours, followed by the warm walnut background notes.

Use on paper or fabric

How to use

Sprinkle on to a damp or dry surface, and spray with water, or apply in a more controlled way with a wet brush or sponge.

Try scrunching some cling film over the top of your painted surface and allow to dry naturally.

Vary the amount of water you apply for different effects

*How to open*

Carefully pierce a whole in the top of the cap, remembering to take out the little card insert, and cover with a piece of tape when finished.