Pastelmat Clairefontaine pastel pad Blue Label 360 gsm Nº 4 : Pastelmat 18x24cm

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Pastelmat Clairefontaine artist  pad 360 gsm. Assorti de Vert. 12 mixed pack. Includes 3 sheets of Dark Green, Light Green, Dark blue and White Pastelmat paper.  The pastel adheres so well to this velvety paper that you do not need to use a fixative between each layer, which allows multiple layers of colour to be applied without a saturation effect. The coarse surface is suitable for soft pastels and pastel pencils. Each sheet is protected by a crystal paper divider. 
Clairefontaine Pastelmat Paper is a 360gsm / 170lbs.
Shades Pastelmat Clairefontaine artist pad 12 sheets

Contains 3 sheets of Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Sand.

Acid Free