Royal Talens Van Gough soft chalk Pastel set of 24 sticks

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Royal Talens Van Gough soft Pastels set of 24, Van Gogh slim, round sticks are ideal for using the edges for detail or on its side for broad area coverage. Composed of high-quality pigments and kaolin clay for a formulation with easy colour transfer, a velvety appearance, and made to be less likely to crumble.

• Van Gogh soft pastels have a strikingly high colour transfer
• Pure and brilliant colours
• Good to the highest degree of lightfastness
• Suitable for delicate work as well as for large and expressive use
• Less likely to crumble thanks to the balanced combination of kaolin and pigment
• Do not contain any pigments based on the metals lead, cadmium or cobalt
• Suitable for all grounds that have a sufficient surface structure (such as paper, cardboard, stone, asphalt and wood)