Faber Castell identifying fake artist pencils

Faber Castell identifying genuine pencils

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We have recently been asked about identifying genuine Faber Castell artist pencils, and if the text on the side of the pencil is an indication of being a genuine product. Faber Castell pencils, come in a variety of finishes, we thought it may be helpful for you to know how genuine artist pencils should look and also some of the recent name changes in the last year. Please note this is advice relates to Polychromos, Albrecht Durer Watercolour and Pitt Pastel Pencil at the time of writing 2021

  • The embossed description words and symbols on the pencils, can be printed in either a silver or gold colour. 
  • On the pencil, there can be text variations of the embossed writing; both of the following variations are found on genuine pencils "Made in Germany" or the word in capital letters "GERMANY".
  • Bar codes can be either be with a sticker or embossed barcode lines 
  • Text on the pencil should be clear, although sometimes writing can be difficult to read due to the background colour of the pencil.
  • Colour cores should always be centred
  • Every colour should be consistent, a Beige Red colour should always look and colour like every other Beige Red you may have purchased before
  • Occasionally the outer barrel of the pencil may have a slight colour variation to your previous pencil, the colour core should always remain the same colour however.
  • Faber Castell do change the names of their colours from time to time.

Recent official name changes

  • Dark Flesh 130 - Salmon 130
  • Medium Flesh 131 - Coral 131
  • Light Flesh 132 - Beige Red 132

PaperStory has been selected as an authorised Premium distributor by Faber Castell. We are part of a small group of official retailers that are permitted to sell the larger premium sets of Faber Castell Pencils as well as individual colours. Always buy with confidence from an authorised retailer, to make sure you receive genuine products. 



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Sarah Roberts

Question on some Fabre-castell pencils i bought from a Micheals. @ different stores, I bough them all individually, not in a set. They are all “embossed” in white. They say golfdfaber before what appears to be a leaf (?) embellishment then the words Faber-Castell.
This wasn’t actually the first thing that through me off. I was getting ready to color swatch them; when i went to put them in color order, visually, i quick did it by number and they were kinda off in color range. This I thought was really strange. I then noticed that none of them had names only numbers.

Checked out your page and I’m getting then indication that I have some fakes on my hand. How do i know and how do I go about handling fakes from a major franchise?

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