Felting Wool types and use in Needle Felting Sculptures

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Discover some of the different types of wool available for Needle Felting. The most popular brands and what makes each Breed of Sheep unique. This will help you with choosing the best wool fro your project.

A Guide to Felting Needles - Shapes and Sizes

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Everything you need to know about felting needles, read our guide and safety tips to help you make your needle felting choices.

Choosing the correct sized wire for Needle Felting armatures

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Wire armatures in needle felting  Choosing wires for armatures can be very confusing, a single wire doesn't necessarily fit all projects, and you will likely need a selection of different options for your felting sculptures, depending on size and form  We have some handy tips when choosing and working with wires for needle...

Guide to UK "A" Paper Sizes

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Handy Paper Size guide, an easy chart to quickly see the different UK paper sizes and their dimensions .

Emily Rose Fine Artist

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Emily Rose Fine Artist . Free lessons

The ultimate guide to paper cutting with black paper

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Hints and tips on the very best papers

Faber Castell identifying genuine pencils

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PaperStory have recently been asked about identifying genuine Faber Castell artist pencils, and if the text on the side of the pencil is an indication of being a genuine product. Faber Castell pencils, come in a variety of finishes, we thought it may be helpful for you to know how genuine artist pencils should look

Hints & Tips on drawing with Katie Packer using Polychromos Artist Pencils

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How to use Faber Castell  - Polychromos Pencils  Polychromos, coloured artist pencils by Faber Castell, are an artist quality oil based coloured pencil, used by professional artists around the world. Also used by adult colouring enthusiasts and crafters. Faber Castell is a German company and the worlds largest manufacturer of pencils, founded over 250 years ago.   ...