The ultimate guide to paper cutting with black paper

Angela ParkJun 24, '211 comment

Hints and tips on the very best papers to use for paper cutting black silhouettes, Explore the wonderful selection of papers with Angela, look at their special qualities and how to work with them. Examples of completed projects from professional Papercutting artists. Design shown of papercut hare, by Angela Park from PaperStory  

Faber Castell identifying genuine pencils

Angela ParkMay 28, '21

We have recently been asked about identifying genuine Faber Castell artist pencils, and if the text on the side of the pencil is an indication of being a genuine product. Faber Castell pencils, come in a variety of finishes, we thought it may be helpful for you to know how genuine pencils...

Faber Castell - Polychromos Artist Pencils

Angela ParkJun 23, '201 comment

How to use Faber Castell  - Polychromos Pencils  Polychromos, coloured artist pencils by Faber Castell, are an artist quality oil based coloured pencil, used by professional artists around the world. Also used by adult colouring enthusiasts and crafters. Faber Castell is a German company and the worlds largest manufacturer of pencils, founded over 250 years ago.   ...