Artist Pencils there are many types of pencils and brands. We provide artist quality pencils.

  • Graphite pencils - The pencils can be used to create tonal graduations, the B range is the softest, creating the darker tones, complemented by the H which allows light tones, placed together to create contrasting tones.
  • Solid graphite pencils - (or woodless pencils) similar to standard graphite pencils but without wood casing. Concentrated graphite
  • Charcoal  - May be pencils or charcoal sticks. Grafcube, a concentrated blend of raw material, is available in three gradations and two size
  • Coloured pencils - Can be further broken down in to categories of pastel, wax or oil based and watercolour. Quality is defined by the pigments used and casing around the core. These pencils are used in fine art, with high lightfast capabilities.